We will be glad to provide you with a customized offer

Efficient planning, careful organisation und monitoring combined with utmost professionalism and flexibility do ensure a reliable and timely realisation of transport services. Meanwhile, the range of services of a modern forwarding company goes far beyond the traditional business of goods traffic.


Nowadays, we are becoming increasingly integrated into the operations of our customers.  Our service portfolio is rounded off by a wide range of additional services tailored around the requirements of the customer.


With warehousing as an integral part of our forwarding company, we do have sufficient space, thus providing the appropriate arena for spontaneous reactions or long-term planning.


Our more than 3,000 sqm storage area is divided into 500 sqm long-term storage and commission stock as well as 2,500 sqm open-air


Likewise we do offer wholesale packaging, repackaging and neutralizing.


Conveniently placed as regards transport facilities, we are situated directly at the motorway A59 Cologne-Düsseldorf.





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